Merry Christmas, Happy New Year !!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!!! I cannot believe how quickly this holiday season has come and gone...and without any holiday posts from me. So sorry about that!! Believe me, I tried, but blogger was having some issues and I could not get any pictures to post during the month of November or December. It would freeze up every time I tried to start a post that included pictures...and you know me, I cannot do a post without photos ;) So anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed a joyous holiday and are ready to start this new year! Ours was wonderful despite the flu and bacterial infection that plagued me for weeks! We took the kids on a surprise Disney World vacation right before Christmas and it was the best trip ever! I'll be posting those pics soon! For now just a few from our Christmas. I let myself off the hook this year and didn't use my camera much...just enjoyed the moments. However, here are a few snapshots, and some instagrams ;) just to show we are still here and smiling! The first set of photos are from my table at our church's Holiday for Her dinner event. I was going for a peaceful woodland feel! Have a great day all! Looking forward to a year full of blessings and possibilities!

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