Simple & Sweet: Ella's Frozen Celebration...She's 6!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ella is 6!! Wow!! We celebrated the occasion with a Frozen themed birthday party a couple weeks ago and it was such a fun day! The party was made even more special by a visit from none other than the Queen and Princess of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna! Ella and her party guests had no clue that they would be coming to celebrate along with them so seeing their faces when Elsa and Anna walked through the door was priceless! The princesses treated them to story time, princess tattoos, makeup application and helped them make crafts. The party table helped set the mood complete with sparkling white lights and a stunning icicle cake!! It was a magical party for sure! Here are some highlights of the day :)

 The pretty party table that came to life with sparkling white lights!  They gave it such a magical feel!! The backdrop and table topper are actually curtains that I've had. The blue ruffle one was also used to create Halle's mermaid party. I'm all about reusing things in order to keep costs down.

The amazing cake created by my sister Daniah. She makes lots of goodies over at  Southern Rise Baking Co. Check her out if you need something delicious for a party or event!! For the topper of this cake I simply added the Frozen figurines, a snowflake ornament and some icicle beads. It really pulled  the whole table together!

These delicious frosted macarons were also made by Daniah. They were delicious!!

 "Do you want to build a snowman?" I made homemade corn syrup-free marshmallows using a recipe I found here. They were soft and delicious and perfect for building snowmen!

This snowman is ready to be eaten! He is made of marshmallow body, pretzel arms, mini chocolate chip eyes and a orange starburst "carrot" nose. They also had pearl nonpareils to make a mouth.

Sven's favorite...Olaf noses :)

These Frozen flower wands were a $1 find at Target's Dollar Spot. They were a perfect party gift!! Each guest also got to make an Elsa crown. I precut crowns from foam using this template and then they added snowflake foam stickers and sparkly jewels :)

A close-up of Elsa and Anna on the cake!

 Another view of the cake!

The party princess with her party table! That sass is all her own doing, lol! Oh my!!

"Let it Go!"

A simple snowscape added some magic to the dining table :)

I decorated the rooms with hanging snowflakes and white streamers to give the space a festive look on a small budget. The snowflakes are our own Christmas tree ornaments so they costed nothing to use.

SURPRISE!! Look who came to visit!!

Ella and Morgan don't even know what to think! They were all stunned! My niece actually hid, lol!

A photo bomb from Anna :)

Anna and Elsa signed autographs for each party guest!

Listening intently during story time as Elsa and Anna told their Frozen tale! The girls enjoyed joining in and were excited that they knew all the answers about the story! You could tell they were all huge fans of the movie!!

 Ella getting her lipgloss applied by Anna! Elsa applied her eyeshadow.

Kendyl is having her eyeshadow applied while Morgan anxiously awaits her turn for makeup!

Getting some special one on one time with Elsa and Anna. They asked her to come visit them in Arendelle. Ella is really hoping to go! Hmmm...

Ella and her cake!

Making a wish and blowing out her birthday candle!! This is an image I always take of each child on his/her birthday. It's a favorite of mine.

Making princess crowns with the help of Elsa and Anna!

Kendall is proud of her snowman creation! He was quickly eaten after the photo :)

Davis trying to pin the carrot nose onto Olaf! This was a fun game!

Ella taking her turn. I took a turn as well and was waaaayy off!!

Near then end of the party we turned Frozen on and let the girls sing and dance. Let it Go came on and it was incredibly cute watching the girls sing the song with ALL the motions. I think they've seen Frozen too many times lol!

Before Elsa and Anna headed back to Arendelle the posed for a few photos with the girls!

I'm pretty sure they all had a fabulous time at the party and won't soon forget their time with Elsa and Anna! I know Ella won't!!

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