Tea Party for Three

Monday, August 25, 2008

What could be more fun than a tea party with your 2 yr old?! Not much! Halle is such a "girly girl" just like her self proclaimed "girly girl" mama! While I was putting away laundry Halle decided it was "tea time" for her and mommy (and of course Ella received an invitation as well)! She wanted to go all out and get completely dolled up for the event! She selected the frilliest twirl set that I had made her for Easter of last year when she was 13mos. Luckily it still fit! She looked like such a doll while she proudly paraded around her room modeling her fancy attire! We then sat down on her rug and she proceeded to make and pour the tea complete with "ttssssssss" and "ssssshhhhh" sound effects! Then we had to say "cheers" and clink our teacups together (not your typical tea time ritual but probably something she learned from her brother)! While we "sipped" our tea we also "nibbled" on a plate full of plump and juicy red strawberries (they were really stuffed felt strawberries that I had made for her earlier this year)! Yummmmm! I've been to a real tea before but this tea was definitely more fun!!

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