Playsilks Rock!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In a world full of noisy electronic gadgets and trinkets that are bombarding our little ones, it's refreshing to find simple, wholesome toys that can truly inspire their creativity and imagination! I have recently discovered the playsilk! Just a simple piece of silk cloth dyed in bright colors! After reading about their possibilities I knew that I wanted my little ones to have know me, I made them myself! Well, actually I bought the silk scarves and dyed them at home with a little help from the kids! Hayden and Halle assisted me in the dying process and it was a fun experiment but potentially very messy! However, no clothes were harmed during the making of these playsilks!

You might be asking "What can you do with a playsilk?". Well here are just a few ideas:

*be a ghost
*play dress-up (wrap and tie yourself up in so many ways)
*use as a picnic blanket for pretend lunches
*use as a table cloth for tea parties
*wear as a cape and be a super hero
*wear as a veil and be a princess
*wrap up your baby dolls or stuffed animals
*sensory experience- just touch and feel the silk or run around with it flying behind you
*magic tricks
*build a fort using multiple playsilks
*use as a lovey or security blankie
*twirl them around you
*throw them up in the air and watch them dance and flutter their way to the floor
*learn to juggle (especially great with smaller silks)
*the possibilities are as endless as your child's imagination!!

If you are interested in having some playsilks made for your little one just let me know! They truly are a lot of fun for both children and adults! And yes, I did run around the house with a cape tied around my neck (sorry, no pic available)!!


  1. I love your playsilks! They are so pretty. And your babies are adorable!


  2. These is so beautiful....I can remember when you were a little girl and you played with ribbons that twirl from a stick and glitter on every piece of clothing you had. If it sparkled you wanted to wear it. I have always said you would have wore a wedding dress to school everyday if you could. I guess these play silks are bringing out the kid in you! Mom

  3. Adorable photos! Your children are beautiful!! I LOVE the idea of playsilks!!!!! Thanks for entering my contest at Zingo Tots!

  4. Your babies are so precious. There little faces just make me smile. Fellow Lollishopper here!

  5. Hmmm that sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures!


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