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Thursday, February 19, 2009 something that you can't really use or don't really need simply b/c you find it on sale? Ummm, GUILTY! Yeah, I totally do that all the time! Today is no different. I stumbled on this great deal on window panels today at Target. You see, I don't have a studio/sewing/craft room, but I really, really want one. Right now I work on the dining room table and my fabric and craft supplies are spread around the house in various bins/boxes/closets, etc. Can anyone else feel my pain?! I dream of having my own studio and I often fantasize over what it will look like...ultra feminine and girly, fun and flirty, bright and airy, totally organized,...the ultimate creative space!! Well today I bought curtains for THAT room, yeah, the room I don't even have, the one that exists only in my mind, THAT one, yeah, umm hmmm!!!

It was fate! Love at first sight! They were meant to be mine! There were two of them left, a beautiful pair, and they were ONLY $4.98 a piece!! How could I NOT get them?! I love how girly they are w/ the hot pink damask print and the hot pink chandeliers sprinkled all over! Soooo fun!! I can't wait to have a space where I can showcase them. For now though, I will tuck them away in my closet and continue dreaming. I'm sure that my curtains will aquire a few fabulous friends along the way and I'll hide them in my closet as well. I'm also sure that I'll take them out from time to time to admire them and dream some more. How great will it be though when one day I walk into my new space for the first time and say "Man, have I got THE perfect curtains for this place!".

PS. If you ever do the same thing let me know I'm not alone! If you run across some other fabulous accessories that would make great closet mates w/ my curtains please send me a link!


  1. I feel your pain, I am trying to convert a little nook under a staircase for my crafty space but in the meantime I am using my dining room table and constantly having to move things. It really cramps being crafty!

  2. I to feel your pain. I tend to buy with hope as well. I am in the process of organizing my craft space but like you it also doubles as the dining room. Beautiful curtians though.

  3. I have two bins in my closet of things that I buy for no reason. You would never believe how much the bins of "extras" come in handy. I am such a "shopaholic" that I went with a friend to see confessions of a shopaholic on Monday and it was really cute.

  4. I'll take them! LOL. We moved a few months a go and have no curtains up because we can't afford them, but wow, $5 a panel isn't bad!

  5. What a deal--love it! You could always use them as fabric :)

    Or, to go with them, these:

  6. Oh, I totally feeal your pain, so I'm not the only one who drags the family on to the kitchen island to eat cos dining table is burried under supplies.
    And yes, I have a hutch in my basement, that I think it would look lovely when I paint it white and stack my favorite fabric and trims in it. But its in the basement!!
    Those panels are gorgeous... love the chandeliers. They are an awesome deal for $5.


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