You Gotta Try This Stuff

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok, I have to confess! I just consumed an entire bag of this delicious "sweet & salty" Kettle Corn! I can't help myself! This stuff is so incredibly delicious! Just the perfect amount of sweetness and the right amount of salty. YUMMMMM!! I took one bite and before I knew it I had consumed the ENTIRE bag and was still digging for more....and then I licked the remnants off the side. Yeah, I did! you've never done that before! If you've never tried this stuff then you need to go to the store NOW and get some. You will be hooked. Don't feel like going to the store? Well, leave me a comment telling me why I should send some to you and one of you will recieve a packet to try. Yeah, I'm that nice....I'll part w/ one of my packets just so you can try it! Anyway, I'm off to watch Criminal Minds.....another one of my guilty pleasures!

Update: I just found this great blushing buttercream pettiskirt and I really want to win this for my girls so I'm posting it here. Just gorgeous!


  1. Yeah the first time I tried this stuff I bugged my eyes out and said "Why haven't I tasted this before!" Pretty low in calories too so no guilt :)

  2. I am not really a big popcorn fan but that does sound so good. Maybe I will try it,after all the hubby loves popcorn so I am safe if I buy it :P

  3. i KNOW that popcorn is great!
    i used to eat it at work all the time!

  4. I, too, like snacking on popcorn.

    I loved looking at the pics of your little girls. Mine used to play like that they are 20 and 24 and both away at college. Brought back some very sweet memories! Take care, Natalie

  5. My sister LOVES kettlecorn! I tried it years ago (in high school) and didn't like the taste of it much.. but that's when I didn't care for broccoli, ranch dressing, or buffalo wings! Well *that*'s changed a lot! :)
    I'm broke and can't afford luxury popcorn.. silly college student here! ;)

  6. I would love a tasty snack. I always get kettle corn when I see it at fair events but haven't tried it microwaveable...yet.


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