My Lil Gangsta Boy

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hayden walked up to me this morning and this is the conversation that ensued...

Hayden: Mom, does my hat look right?
Me: Well, it's on sideways.
Hayden: ok, cool cuz I'm supposed to look like one of those rappers on tv!

Then he proceeds with his own version of beat boxing and then ends it with "PEACE....wurd!"

Of course I was about to die of laughter and I immediately ran for my camera and asked him to strike a pose. This is what I got...

As soon as I uploaded the photo he came to look at it and exclaimed "Oh great...I'm wearing Mickey rapper wears Mickey Mouse...that just ruins it!" and he walks off disappointed. In my head I was thinking "Oh sweetheart, it's not the shirt that ruins the bad-to-the-bone's that adorable little face of yours." He's just too cute to be gangsta!

Of course the girls had to be just like big brother so they each ran for their hats and wanted their picture taken too. Notice Ella's shirt that she just happened to be wearing! Too cute! Happy Monday!!


  1. I miss my sweet little grandbabies. Oh how cute!!!! Love ya...see you soon! Your one and only mom :)

  2. How adorable! That's just too funny and cute :))

  3. Aw! That is the cutest thing ever!!

  4. That is soooo funny! I about busted a gut at your guy. He is so cute Hana! Seems like a few boys are doing that for pictures lately as Luke has been "flashin signs" too.


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